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In our rapidly evolving world, state and local government departments are required to remain nimble and forward-thinking. Balancing a complex array of applications, including legacy systems, digital platforms, and SaaS, as well as leveraging Salesforce advisory services, can consume significant IT resources, hindering opportunities for growth and service improvement.


With a wealth of experience spanning several decades, Vivid GovTech empowers government entities to fully leverage the potential of Salesforce and its suite of applications. We do this through the use of lean and agile industry-recognized practices, specifically tailored to the unique needs and demands of public sector work. Our Salesforce advisory services ensure that government agencies receive expert guidance and support in maximizing the benefits of this powerful platform.


Vivid GovTech's Advisory Services are designed to help you reimagine your department's Salesforce implementation services landscape. We focus on speed, agility, and continuous innovation to deliver measurable value, ensuring your government entity remains at the cutting edge of public service delivery.

Salesforce Advisory Services
Introducing Vivid GovTech’s Salesforce Value Assessment Framework

Our Salesforce Value Assessment Framework offers comprehensive value enhancement for state and local government agencies using Salesforce. This framework leverages our extensive industry expertise and practical experience in managing business functions, designing and implementing solutions on Salesforce platforms, and fostering resilient operational models and cultures. By harnessing these capabilities, we aim to help your agency maximize the return on your existing Salesforce investment, improving service delivery and operational efficiency across the board..”

Assess the current maturity level of the selected Functions/Processes for evaluation and identify opportunities for business process improvement.

Evaluating the current state of Salesforce deployment:

1. Utilizing specialized Salesforce advisory services to align configurations with business objectives and industry standards.

2. Analyzing user feedback and adoption rates for optimizing the Salesforce platform.

3. Ensuring data integrity, performance, and scalability with insights from Salesforce advisory services. 

Identifying reporting capabilities within the Salesforce platform:


1. Reviewing Salesforce reporting tools to meet business insights, guided by advisory services.

2. Enhancing user proficiency in reporting features through training and support services.

3. Improving data visualization and analytics for better decision-making, advised by Salesforce specialists.


Defining the desired future state and formulating a development plan.

1. Collaborating with stakeholders to establish clear objectives, integrating Salesforce advisory insights.

2. Developing a comprehensive plan with milestones and resource allocations.

3. Implementing change management strategies for smooth transitions, with support from Salesforce advisory services.

Salesforce platform

Evaluation Areas for 360 Salesforce
Value Creation


Evaluate the current data quality, how the data is captured, stored and leveraged on SF platform


Evaluate the solutions, UI upgrades and feature utilization on deployed SF solutions


Evaluate the process followed to implement, configure, communicate and consume reporting, analytics etc.


Evaluate if right people are doing right job and are able to deliver the task


Evaluate consumption capability of the insights to meet business needs and drive actionable outcomes

Vivid GovTech harnesses this advantage in our work with CIOs, CTOs, IT Directors, and leaders of business units within State and Local Governments. Our aim is to generate comprehensive value for all stakeholders involved in public service delivery. We achieve this by addressing their most strategic operational questions related to enhancing efficiencies, streamlining processes, and improving public engagement, with a special focus on permitting and licensing. With Salesforce-driven transformation, we aid our clients in delivering a superior civic experience.

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